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Funny Shayari | Funny Quotes | Funny Shayari Hindi | Funny Quotes English

Funny Shayari | Funny Quotes | Funny Shayari Hindi | Funny Quotes English

Shayari is all about communicating your feelings and emotions through words or all the more exactly rhyming. You can read or write everything which is going in your mind, the way in which you feel, the way in which things are going, your emotions everything. You discover motivation to associate all your moods, your happiness, sadness, sufferings, joy through Shayari. It expresses exactly what you think.

Shayari utilizes metaphors to convey meaning. Reading and writing Shayari can help you see beneath the surface of everything there are more profound meanings and implications. Shayari helps you to find that hidden meaning and express it through words. In a world that appears to be progressively insignificant, Shayari helps you to dig deeper.

Reading Shayari can also help you to connect with your feelings in a way that will assist you with knowing yourself and understand others. It will sustain your creative imagination and regardless of what your profession, you will have a splendid and dynamic creative mind. Reading Shayari will extend out your experience, help you to see the bigger picture, help you with discovering meaning in a disorganized world and cause it to appear as though you really realize what life is about.

Shayari will never despise you or reject you. It gives you trust. It gives some meaning to what you feel in a manner rationale and thinking never do.
Human personality is exceptionally creative and imaginative. It can create wonder when it works for something you like.

Shayari is one of the splendid method for communicating deepest thoughts and feelings, it causes you to feel enlightened who shares it and furthermore it creates a realm for the people who like to listen.

With the help of Shayari, you can express Happiness, bitterness, sadness, freedom, joy, friendship, sentimentalism, companionship, attractiveness. This is the ground-breaking and unique method for expressing emotions.

So now that you know the real meaning and importance of Shayari you can better understand it with even more happiness by sharing beautiful quotes and Shayari with your family and friends. Here in this post we are providing you with our best collection of Good Morning Shayari and Poetry.

Everybody needs to laugh, if we don’t laugh at ourselves life will turn into a dull and smothering experience. Life can be a test; of that, there is no uncertainty. Be that as it may, when taking a moment and stop for a minute to and see a joke, we can change our whole day.

To those that take life very seriously, we may humor to be a snag in our ways. In all actuality, jokes are funny that they contain a trace reality about existence that cannot be expressed through any other medium. A Funny Poem or joke has the ability to draw attention to unpretentious absurdities of life.

Everybody likes to laugh and share a joke. It can make anybody laugh if you want to make somebody laugh then what can be a better way than sharing a joke.

You can read the best joke here for your friends and relatives. So share the happiness and make somebody laugh with our best collection of jokes and funny Shayari. Read jokes on girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, and wife.

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So bring a smile on your friend’s faces by sharing these remarkable funny Shayari with them. 

College Mein Class Hoti Hai 
Miss Kare Ke Liye
Ladkioun Ke Gaal Hote Hai
Kiss Karne Ke Liye

Pyar Se Chahe Arman Mang Lo, 

Ruthkar Chahe Muskan Mang Lo, 
Bus Tamnna Hai Ki Na Dena Kabhi Bhula, 
Fir Haskar Chahe Jan Mang Lo. 

Tuje Pane Ki Jo Kasak Hai, 
Dhadkan Banke Dil Me Rahti Hai, 
Kabhi Na Kabhi Milenge Hum, 
Har Saans Meri Ye Kahti Hai.

Funny Shayari | Funny Quotes | Funny Shayari Hindi | Funny Quotes English
Funny Shayari

Sath Chalte Chalte Kuch Log Chhod Jate Hai, 
Aajmake Hamko Dur Ho Jate Hai, 
Kya Aap Bhi Samil Ho Us Bhid Me, 
Jahan Log Apna Kahte Hai Fir Bhul Jate Hai. 

Aankhein Aaj Rona Chahati Hai, 
Unki Y adon Me Khona Chahti Hai, 
Kuch Log Itne Haseen Pal De Jate Hai Zindgi Me,

Funny Shayari | Funny Quotes | Funny Shayari Hindi | Funny Quotes English
Funny Shayari

Jab Mehfil Me Bhi Tanhai Pas Ho, 
Roshani Me Bhi Andhere Ka Ehsas Ho, 
Tab Kisi Khas Ki Yad Me Mushkura Do, 
Sayad Wo Bhi Aapke Intejar Me Udas Ho. 

Hasna Aur Hasana Aadat Hai Meri, 
Har Koi Khush Rahe Ye Chahat Hai Meri, 
Bhale Hi Koi Mujhe Yad Kare Ya Na Kare, 
Har Pal Apno Ko Yad Karna Aadat Hai Meri. 

Gulab Ki Mahek Bhi Fiki Lagti Hai, 
Kaun Si Khushbu Mujh Me Basa Gaye Ho Tum, 
Zindgi Hai Kya Ek Chahat Ke Siva, 
Ye Kaisa Khwab Aankho Ko Dikha Gaye Ho Tum.

Funny Shayari | Funny Quotes | Funny Shayari Hindi | Funny Quotes English
Funny Shayari

Badi Ummid Thi Unko Apna Banane Ki, 
Tamnna Thi Unke Ho Jane Ki, 
Kya Pata Jinke Hum Hona Chahte Hai, 
Unko Aadat Hi Nahi Thi Kisi Ko Apna Banana Ki.

Tere Gum Ko Apni Ruh Me Utar Lu, 
Zindgi Teri Chahat Me Sawar Lu, 
Mulakat Ho Tujhse Kuch Is Tarah, 
Tamam Umra Bas Ek Mulakat Me Gujar Lu. 

Bhul Jana Use Jo Tumhe Bhula De, 
Mat Dekhna Use Jo Tumhe Rula De, 
Mat Bhulna Us Sakhs Ko, 
Jo Apni Aankh Me Aanshu Rahker Bhi Aapko Hasa De

Zindagi Ke Liye Jina Jaruri Hai, 
Jine Ke Liye Arman Jaruri Hai, 
Dil Me Chahe Hazaro Gum Ho, 
Fir Bhi Aapke Chehre Par Muskan Jaruri Hai. 

Tarsti Najro Ki Pyas Ho Tum, 
Tadpte Dil Ki Aash Ho Tum, 
Bujhti Zindgi Ki Sans Ho Tum, 
Fir Kyo Na Kahu Kuch Khash Ho Turn.

Surkh Ankhoon Se Jab Wo Dekhte Hain, 
Hum Ghabra Kar Aankhein Jhuka Lete Hain, 
Kaun Milaye Un Aankhoon Se Aankhein, 
Suna Hai Wo Aankhoon Se Apna Bana Lete Hain.. 

Har Subha Ho Haseen Tunhari, 
Aur Din Chandni Ho, 
Aap Ke Kadmo Pe Rakh du Yeh Sari Khushiyan, 
Agar Ek Pal Ke Liye Bhi Aap Humare Sath Ho.. 

Tu Hi Bata A Dil Tujhe Samjhau Kaise, 
Jise Chahta Hai Tu Use Nazdik Lau Kaise, 
Yu To Har Tamanna Har Ehsas Hai wo Mera, 
Magar Us Ehsas Ko Ye Ehsas Dilau Kaise. 

Kitni Khoobsurat Ho Tum, 
Kitna Haseen Chehra Hai Tumhara. 
Log Kate Hain Tumhe Chaand Ka Tukda, 
Main Kahta Hoon Chaand Tukda Hai Tumhara...


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